Introduce yourself 😊

Hello! I’m Harriet, the Community Manager at Eedi, it’s great to meet you :wave:

In May, I joined the incredibly talented Eedi team to drive the growth of our community of parents. I’m your first point of contact if you have any questions, concerns, feedback or ideas, and it’s my job to make sure your views are heard. You can read more about me here (read about the rest of the Eedi team here too).

When I’m not working, you can find me reading :books:, running :athletic_shoe: or walking around London (although I actually love the coast and countryside more than the city). I’m usually planning a holiday somewhere as I love to travel :earth_africa:. Once the COVID-19 crisis is over (:crossed_fingers:) the next places I’d love to go are the Philippines and South America. I studied marine biology at university and love all things sea related. Snorkelling, sailing, swimming, sharks, shells, squid… :tropical_fish::whale2::octopus::dolphin::crab: I was born in Bermuda and grew up there until my family moved over to the UK for secondary school.

Now it’s your turn, tell us a little bit about yourself, your interests, hobbies, your work, a picture of yourself if you like! Post down below.

PS. You can always reach out to me directly at :postbox:


Hello I am Mary, I am not very good at maths so i am glad my son agreed to Eedi because i struggle to help him now he is going on to Key Stage 3!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I live in the North East of England. I have pets including a tortoise, millipedes, a crested gecko and stick insects. I also live surrounded by incredible wildlife including foxes and hedgehog’s and the most beautiful landscapes and beaches.


Hi Mary! It’s so nice to meet you, you sound like my kind of person. :grin: I went to university in Newcastle, what a fab place!! Thanks for joining me on here, I really appreciate it and i’m super excited to get some weekly discussions started. :smiley:

Oh wow that’s awesome Harriet. Glad that you liked your time Newcastle! The North East is a place i never want to leave :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the voucher, much appreciated

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Hi, I’m Vikki and I live in Yorkshire, but I did study in Newcastle! I just have the one son who is starting secondary school in September. The homeschooling was challenging, partly due to a lack of work from his pre ious school, so he is enjoying this to help get him back up to speed with his maths. He is really enjoying the sessions, so thank you very much.


Hello Harriet, my name is Tim. My son Nathaniel starts high school In Ellesmere Port in Cheshire this September and I’ve been very heartened by the initiative the school has taken in conjunction with eedi to ensure their news kids are adequately prepared, especially after all the disruption they’ve suffered. Nathaniel has been very reassured that his maths is up to the standard it needs to be, which will go a long way to easing his nerves about going to “big” school. A bit of revision won’t do me or his mum any harm either!


Welcome Vikki, thank you for joining us on here! It seems like there’s a running theme with Newcastle?! I’m so pleased that your son is enjoying his experience with us :star: It’s been such a weird time for everyone, but it’s been amazing to be able to help children like your son with their transition to secondary school, it can be pretty nerve wracking time!

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Hey Tim :wave:I’m so glad to hear that Nathaniel has been enjoying his experience with us and found it helpful. It’s been such a weird time for everyone, in particular year 6’s making the transition into year 7 (which is already a nerve-racking experience!) but I’m glad to hear that we have genuinely helped boost his confidence. Hopefully it continues to grow throughout the rest of the course! :rocket:

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Hi everyone!

I’m Jacob, a Software Developer at Eedi. Based in Newcastle, I help make the sure that Eedi platform keeps on chugging as well as developing new features and fixing bugs!

Outside of work, I’m usually reading, climbing or cooking. Or sometimes you’ll find me at my desk creating small video games :video_game:


Thank you, definitely strange times at the moment!


Thank YOU for contributing to the community!

No problem Harriet :slight_smile:

glad to report my son is really enjoying the quizzes, thanks very much :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone :blush:
I’m Gemma and I help to create the maths content at Eedi. I write the explanations and questions that you see during the lesson, and also make the videos. Before joining Eedi, I was a secondary school maths teacher for over 10 years. :woman_teacher:
In my free time I enjoy trail running through the beautiful Dorset countryside, and also baking and decorating cakes :cupcake:


Hi Everyone my name is Jean my daughter Sienna she has not been in school since March, we had a choice to return a few weeks ago but only till 1pm so we made the decision to keep her at home safe and well as the R rate was very high in our area.
The school has been really good fully supportive throughout extra work packs being delivered deputy head always on the end of the phone and emailing every week greatly appreciated.
These are very strange times indeed I have done my best to keep Sienna focused in a routine of getting up early washed and dressed completing all her school packs BUT at her leisure.
I have let her choose and plan everything to keep her happy all being weather dependant so if sunny we are out all day with picnic exercising cycling walking dog, doing joe wicks everyday.
Sienna’s dad works in London he returned home with the virus and passed it to me in March we were both very poorly, my friends mum sadly died from the virus too makes everything so real even though I still feel like I am in a dream.
All I can say is Thanks to EEDI and Harriet, Sienna is loving the work and new challenges and is loving the feedback and support.
I must say some of it is a bit challenging to me :rofl: I am learning too

Stay safe everyone


Hello everyone!

I’m Simon, one of the co-founders of Eedi. I am based in Milton Keynes the roundabout capital. I work on the research side of Eedi, looking at how we can learn to support learning better.

Outside of work I like to read books about mathematics, and I sing lots of different types of music, from opera to folk song. I love to build contraptions with my kids, often with a mathematical theme and often from LEGO (even before they invested in us!).

I really hope you find the Eedi summer school useful in preparing for year 7.


Thank you for the voucher - it’s much appreciated, Vx

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Hello everyone :wave:t4:

My name is Martin and I just recently joined Eedi to work in Marketing and Product :rocket:

I studied physics and engineering in university, and until recently have been working in financial technology companies both in the UK and Chile (where I’m originally from). My motivation to work in finance was to help other be more savvy with their money.

I decided to move to Eedi to help children build confidence in maths. While in high school and uni, I tutored quite a bit and always liked seeing how people after some support were able to keep learning on their own. I even participated in a summer school in China to teach 8-12 year olds how to write their first computer programs. Moving to Eedi was a long overdue project that I had.

I’m looking forward to meet you and hear how we can make learning maths easier and engaging, especially given the turbulence of the recent months.

All the best, and stay safe :raised_hands:t4:


Hi Jean!

Welcome to the community :wave:t4:

Sorry to hear things have been especially tough for you and your family :frowning:
I’m happy to read that Sienna is finding some fun in working in math challenges, and that things are getting better and enjoying the little things like a nice summer day.

Haha, yes we are all learning together in this one :sweat_smile:

All the best to you and your family,