October update 🍁

Let’s kick of the month with our big announcement … Eedi Family is now available for children in Year 6 & Year 8! :partying_face: The new lessons will help Year 6s with their SATs and Year 8s to catch up on vital concepts they missed during their all important first year of secondary school due to lockdown.

It’s still a strange world at the moment, but on a brighter note October has brought us

  • golden trees
  • Black History Month
  • World Mental Health Day
  • an extra hour in bed (thank you, Daylight saving)
  • half-term fun
  • and Halloween is well on it’s way.

All of that, plus here at Eedi we’ve been busy getting ready for our November webinar on helping children overcome maths anxiety and we also welcomed our very first customers to Eedi Family this month!

Check out the full post here: https://eedi.com/blog/october-update

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