Weekly feedback: first impressions 💬

Hello! This week is all about your first impressions of Eedi so far.

We’d love to hear your honest thoughts on the following:

  • How did you find the sign up process? Was it clear to know what you had to do or did you get find it confusing?
  • How did you introduce your child to Eedi? What language did you use to talk to them about it? Did you sit with them?
  • What was your child’s first reaction to Eedi? Positive or negative?
  • What are your thoughts from a teachers perspective?

Any additional details or comments that you think we should know are also useful to us, and we really appreciate your honesty!

Thank you, see you next week :wave:

After the Maths Anxiety webinar I was really looking forward to getting started with my daughter and seeing how she responded to it. She has now completed 2 of the quizzes and lessons and I have been absolutely blown away by just how engaged she has been with the activities. She is more relaxed than I have ever seen her when doing maths and both times she has finished with a huge smile on her face. I had a phone call from her class teacher yesterday (parent’s evening) and he told me that he was very concerned about her poor outcomes in a recent SATS practice test. If it wasn’t for the fact that my daughter is using Eedi, I would have been absolutely devastated. I am confident that she will make enormous progress now that we are using Eedi and her increased confidence will allow her to access the work much more easily. I have been sitting with her during the sessions so far, but I think that as she becomes more comfortable with the interface, she will probably not require me to do this much longer. From a teacher’s perspective, I would be interested to see more progress data - but perhaps that’s something that is available with the teacher account?

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Sign up process was easy, it was clear. I just got a bit mixed up due to having both a teacher and a parent’s account.
I got my son to watch some of the webinar online session as a way of introducing him to Eedi. Yes I do sit with him or listen in while he does the tasks.
Mixed reaction, he likes the quiz part, then when it got to the explanation part where a question is given and the student to click ok after they come up with an answer, he was less keen. So I had to ask him for the answer before he clicks ok otherwise I would not know if he actually got it right or wrong.
First impressions are good. We watched a video clip this week on multiples and factors which was very well explained but I had to get my son to watch it twice as he got an answer wrong and he was a bit bored with it. So possibly the video clips could be a bit shorter just to hook the students.I think when the questions were more applied within a context they made more sense than simply calculate the multiples of a number.

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Just came across a technical glitch, my son did half of the lesson yesterday and completed the 12 questions today. When he clicked submit the system froze, did a refresh and it restarted back from the beginning. Was running Eedi on Safari, should I be using Chrome instead? Thanks

Hey! Thank you for your feedback on this, sounds frustrating. We would definitely recommend using Chrome, Eedi Family works best on that. May I also ask what device your son was using?

That’s so great to hear! Shared with the whole team and it put a smile on all of our faces. Progress data is something we’re working on - thank you for your suggestion there.

I hope she’s still enjoying using Eedi :heart:

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